South Africa

Where: Southern Africa

When: 2019

Why: Kyalami 9 hour

Who: Kyalami Marshals Association, Motorsport South Africa

Notes: Motorsport volunteering is a series of compromises. For those like me that don’t live near a track planning an event is a game of give and take. And I’ve been planning to visit South Africa for the longest time. This year in 2019 it finally came to fruition. The stars aligned and an international event came back to the country that gave me an opportunity to be a part of it. I was the only American there which was neat. The circuit impressed me to bits with it’s wonderful elevation changes and challenging corners. The country itself was a bit dangerous as described by everyone online and in person I met so I kind of held myself back which in hindsight was probably a mistake. This should prompt me to come back for more!