Where: Western Europe

When: 2014

Why: Maxi Enduro 32 hour

Who: FPAK – Portuguese Federation of Auto Racing and Karting

Notes: When it comes to event planning I often throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Often times I get rejected like those events I wanted to do in Macau or Japan, but sometimes I get lucky. I got extremely lucky volunteering for an event in Portimao, Portugal. To my great surprise they allowed me to join and then welcomed me as family when I arrived. The event was thoroughly exhausting luckily the Euro in the country goes a long way so I was able to splurge on some creature comforts like a rental car and a whole hostel to myself. The food was delicious and once the sun came out it was a really pleasant time at the beach in Porto. But the endurance race really kicked my behind. It was worth it though.