Where: Southeast Asia

When: 2012, 2013, 2015

Why: Malaysian F1 Grand Prix, Sepang 12 hour, Asian Le Mans Series 4 hour

Who: SIC Marshals

Notes: Malaysia is a forbidden fruit story that actually materialized for me. I visited the country frequently when I lived in Singapore in 2011. I even received training from the Singapore GP team at Johor Circuit which was rented out for that purpose. I flew up to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix with the hopes of making contact with marshals up there but had no luck until someone responded to my query online. Once I arrived to volunteer at Sepang in 2012 traveling from New Zealand where I lived at that point, I hit a few road blocks until finally meeting my team that welcomed me as one of their own. I returned as many times as I could to work with this wonderful group of people, twice in 2013.