Yas Marina

Name: Yas Marina Circuit

Where: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

When: 2013

Why: Gulf 12 hour


Notes: A marshal I worked with invited me to volunteer at Yas Marina for F1 but that never materialized. I had a weird impression of the circuit because it seemed hard to volunteer there but I got my chance on the trip to Bahrain because Gulf 12 hour was in town in the neighboring country. So I took advantage of the opportunity. For this event the series had flown in a plane full of British marshals, so even though I was visiting from the US myself I was considered a local so to speak, one of the very flew doing so there. Car rentals were cheap so I was able to drive myself to the track every day, and was very impressed with the facility and how it is run. It is probably one of the best circuits in the world where money is no object for all the marshal gear available to use on each station. Awesome place!