Name: Nordschlefie, Nürburgring (see also Grand Prix Circuit)

Where: Adenau and Nürburg, Germany

When: 2014, 2015

Why: Nürburgring 24 hour

Who: ADAC Marshals, Marshals Club Nürburgring

Notes: The Nordschleife has been a highlight of my entire Motorsport marshaling career. This is the best place in the world to go racing bar none. Though Nürburgring also has a Grand Prix Circuit which I consider a separate facility as events can be run concurrently on both. The Nordschleife is my main attraction and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. I was fortunate to work on a team based in the village of Adenau so we had multiple cafe’s, restaurants and supermarkets just a short distance from the post which we could camp at. There was also plenty of action as our post is the location of the exit from the track, so since there is no safety car periods during the 24 hours race, everything gets live pulled off the track by us. Amazing place! See also GP Circuit.